Everly Eden

My passion for being a doula comes from my own beautiful birth of my perfect daughter. I live in Japan in a remote location and my husband is in the Air Force. Our options for places to give birth were limited to the hospital. That was it. I wanted to have a natural, non-medicated birth. I'll share our birth story at a later date, but I believe with all my heart that having a doula played a huge role in my ability to have the natural childbirth I craved. I'd already been contemplating becoming a doula, but after my personal experience with one I became truly passionate about it. Because of the love, support, and encouragement of my husband and my doula I was able to do something spectacular. I want to give that same experience to every woman. It's a gift that I want to share. I believe in the power of the female body. I believe in love and support during childbirth. I believe in the freedom of women to make informed choices regarding their births. I believe in birth without fear.